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You should be under 53 with a pension fund of £15,000+
is your pension among the good or bad Is your pension
among the good
or the bad?
pensioners still working to pay mortgages 'Pensioners
still working
to pay mortgages'
men and women unprepared for retirement 'Men & women
for retirement'

Is YOUR Pension Underperforming ...
Should You Transfer To Another Fund?

What Is A Pension Transfer?

A pension transfer involves transferring your current
pension fund from one pension provider to another.

This would mean transferring all of the contributions you have made
to date - and also any future contributions - to the new provider.

There are various reasons for transferring a pension such as poor fund performance, high charges or if your existing company scheme is being wound up.
You can see a more comprehensive list here.

You should never consider transferring your pension without taking professional advice from a qualified Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). IFA's are regulated by the Financial Service Authority and are required to provide impartial advice
dependent upon your personal financial circumstances.

Note: if the total value of your pensions is under £15,000 or you are over the age of 53 it is unlikely that the benefits of transferring your pension would be worthwhile.

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