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You should be under 53 with a pension fund of £15,000+

Is YOUR Pension Underperforming ...
Should You Transfer To Another Fund?

Is your pension among the good or the bad Is your pension
among the good
or the bad?
pensioners still working to pay mortgages 'Pensioners
still working
to pay mortgages'
men and women unprepared for retirement 'Men & women
for retirement'

Can You Answer These 5 Important Pension Questions?

Did You Answer 'No' To Any Of These Questions?
  1. Do you know exactly what pension plans you have taken out over the years? You may have pension plans you are unaware of.
  2. Do you know exactly how much your pension fund is currently worth? Your pension may not provide the income required.
  3. Do you know exactly how and where your money is being invested? Your investment strategy may have changed over the years.
  4. Do you know exactly how well or how poorly your pension is performing? Have you had regular annual performance reviews?
  5. Do you know exactly how much is being deducted in annual charges? Your annual charges may have doubled in the last 10 years.

Client Testimonials
Really smooth and well managed process
NG, Olney
"Excellent service, fast and efficient"
IL, Newcastle
"Kept me well informed at all times"
- JR, Bournemouth
If you did answer 'No' to any of the above questions you are not alone.

Millions of people have paid, or are still paying, money into a pension plan which they have never reviewed since the day they took out the plan.

That could mean your pension, and any payments you are currently making, are being invested in a fund with higher than average charges or lower than average performance – or worse still, both.

If your pension is underperforming - you need to consider transferring to a better performing fund - and that's where can help.

Our pension reviews are quick, free, absolutely without obligation, and undertaken by FSA regulated Independent Financial Advisers.

Get the retirement you deserve. CheckYourPension NOW!

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